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© Chili and the Whalekillers 2018

Felix Ofenböck - Schubertweg 9 | 5211 Friedburg - Österreich


The Banker on the Run


  1. Pinstriped Suit Parade

  2. Good Morning (BCC-Radio)

  3. HorseRaceTrack        

  4. Bye Bye Dubai

  5. The Building  

  6. Wallstreet

  7. She Don’t Like It

  8. Music on the Run

  9. In the Elevator                   

10. 7th Floor Pavement Blues

11. Gates, Bridges & Men 

12. The Banker on the Run

13. Charity 

14. Striped Jumpsuit Parade

15. The Big Bank Robbery   

(Chili Tomasson)

(Michael Szedenik)

(Chili Tomasson)

(Hjörtur Hjörleifsson / Chili Tomasson)

(Chili Tomasson)

(Chili Tomasson)

(Hjörtur Hjörleifsson)

(Michael Szedenik)

(Michael Szedenik)

(Chili Tomasson)

(Chili Tomasson)

(Chili Tomasson)

(Chili Tomasson)

(Chili Tomasson)

(Arni Hjörleifsson / Chili Tomasson)

​Ladies & Gentlemen,


Raise your glasses to the Economy, to the Wealthy Few, to Fading Millions, to the Freedom of Fortune. The world of the Prosperous and Beautiful is rotating further towards a Capitalistic Climax. So allow us to introduce you to the stories of Marvelous Mavericks and Moneymakers: 

A busy Businessman and his personal secretary are spending a sunny afternoon at the horserace track, a quick trip to Dubai

back-and-forth, the glimmering façade of a monumental Building, a Wallstreet-sign close to the pavement-café in which Rich Men are talking over some Business of high importance, having coffee. Oh what a wonderful world it is, the World of the Wealthy…


Throughout the last year we recorded songs in several sessions at PeaceCastleMusicStudios. With Felix as our patient and steady Companion - never tired, never weary - guiding us from tape to tape, we shaped this Album.

A million “thank-you’s” and Love to Felix for all his efforts, ideas, time and strength!

Thomas and Gabriele! Thank you for all the passion, assistance and support on this project; we are going to pay you as soon as we become millionaires. The honor for the Artwork goes to Markus, Linda, Luca, Berger, Silke and Bernhard. Thanks a lot for making it happen. Furthermore, we’d like to thank Stefan, Martin and Irene for their time, effort and ears.

Love to Adele, Armela & Iris, the First Ladies of Poetry.


In addition, we kindly thank Martin, Paul, Fabian, Gerhard, Kitze, Major, Norbert, Markus & the YoCo-Team, Rosa & Peter, Baldur & Nìna, Andrea & Helmut, Jana, Keli, David, Dario, Valentin, Maria, Clemens and Wolfgang.


So cheers Gentlemen, cheers!


Chili and the Whalekillers


Recorded & Mixed by Felix Ofenböck at PeaceCastleAudio Studios.

Produced by Felix Ofenböck, Chili Tomasson & Hjörtur Hjörleifsson

​Mastered by Felix Ofenböck & Stefan Parragh.


All Songs performed and arranged by Chili and the Whalekillers:

Arni Hjörleifsson: saxophone, vocals, characters in “The Big Bank Robbery”

Chili Tomasson: vocals, piano, electric guitar, organ, synthesizers, e-piano,  glockenspiel

Hjörtur Hjörleifsson: vocals, bass, electric & acoustic guitar, horn, tambourine

David Bitschnau: drums, vocals, percussion, bongos, synthesizers

Michael Szedenik:  electric guitar, vocals, piano, bass guitar


We truly thank:

Adele Ischia: violin in “Charity”

Armela Madreiter: announcements “In the Elevator”

David Wurawa: voice in Radioshows

Fabian Tassati: slideguitar in “Striped Jump Suit Parade”

Gerhard Stockhammer: trumpet on “The Banker on the Run” & “Charity”

Iris Marko: secretary in “The Building”

Martin Wirthenstätter: trombone on “Pin Striped Suit Parade”, “StripedJumpSuitParade”,

“HorseRaceTrack”, “The Banker on the Run” & “Charity”

Nina Salvarar: news in “Financial Crisis 7th FloorPavement Blues”

Paul Santner: trumpet on “Pinstriped Suit Parade” & “StripedJumpSuitParade”

and the Partychoir.


Cover Artwork by: Linda Mühlbacher , Markus Roßmann, Chili Tomasson,

Luca D. (Lemur Design), Berger B. & Bernhard Hartenthaler