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© Chili and the Whalekillers 2018

Felix Ofenböck - Schubertweg 9 | 5211 Friedburg - Österreich


The Tragic Tale of Julie and the Crying Clown


1. The Crying Clown

2. The Carnival

3. The Queen

4. Who's gonna throw the first Stone

5. Staring at an Ashtray 

6. A brick smashed my window 

7. Iris

8. Tommy's Proposal    ​

(Chili Tomasson)

(Chili Tomasson)

(Chili Tomasson)

(Chili Tomasson)

(Chili Tomasson)

(Chili Tomasson)

(Chili Tomasson)

(Chili Tomasson)

the curtain opens and the cheering crowd welcomes the circus director. But when he starts talking the audience holds its breath and waits for another cigarette to be lit…


This album is the outcome of one year of songwriting. It was recorded at several sessions from January to April at Peacecastlemusic Studios. At this point I would like to thank Felix for all the technical guidance and the enormous effort he put into finding this sound.

Furthermore thanks to Rupert Pichler for his support and hearing skills, so as Bernhard Hartenthaler for setting the Artwork.

A thousand Thanks to Gabriele and Thomas for handling all the paperwork and their encouragement to get this record out.

Rosa Peter, Baldur, Luca, my hat is off to you.


All those eternal rehearsals in mind, I don’t know how the Whalekillers managed to deal with my impatience and chaotic way of working. Living on canned food and coffee, tape after tape, from Tolstoi to Steinbeck, passing Queens and Prostitutes, meeting Jugglers and Clowns, we recorded those tracks.


With Clemens’ rattling snaredrum opening the Album and holding the band together until Margarita’s consent is given, Hjörtur constantly picking the bassguitar, never tired of anything, Jesus’ jingling harpsichord and melancholic organs and Àrni roaring into the saxophone, from rainy Russian mountains to the North Atlantic’s windy shoreline the tragic tale got told.


so finally my best regards to Margarita and Tommy,

a tear and a postcard for the crying Clown,

gallows for the queen,

white wine for Maggy’s mother and the old juggler,

an ashtray for myself

and love to Iris,


yours thankfully

Chili Tomasson


…the curtain has fallen.


saxophone, backing vocals & circus director: ARNI HJÖRLEIFSSON

bassguitar & backing vocals: HJÖRTUR HJÖRLEIFSSON

drums & percussion: CLEMENS CSAR

organ & harpsichord: MICHAEL“JESUS“ SZEDENIK

piano, acoustic & electric guitars, organ, percussion, harmonica, vocals: CHILI TOMASSON