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© Chili and the Whalekillers 2018

Felix Ofenböck - Schubertweg 9 | 5211 Friedburg - Österreich




  1. Faraway

  2. Marilyn

  3. Miss you, not even gone        

  4. Park Bench

  5. Dreamplay

  6. The Villa by the Sea

  7. Nürnberg

  8. Given up to Time

  9. Smile

10. Lemon Garden

11. Turn

12. French Girl 

(Hjörtur Hjörleifsson)

(Chili Tomasson)

(Hjörtur Hjörleifsson)

(Arni Hjörleifsson / Chili Tomasson)

(Michael Szedenik)

(Chili Tomasson)

(Hjörtur Hjörleifsson)

(Hjörtur Hjörleifsson)

(Chili Tomasson)

(Chili Tomasson)

(Hjörtur Hjörleifsson)

(Chili Tomasson)

​the songs kept piling up. romances, stories, leftovers of love affairs, dreams and political ideas.

we had been living together over a year working as closely as ever, each one of us discovering new sides of himself and of each other.


in the fall we gathered again around the old, charmingly out of tune piano at Peacecastle, among microphones, computers and books ranging from Marx to Sailor’s Guide. a number of songs, a few of which we had only heard for the first time the previous day, others we had been playing since our teens.


in the end, the same room, the loudspeakers at a moderate level, the six of us sitting on a tiny couch, happy about the work behind us, aware of the work ahead, ready to let go.

dear listener, we hope you enjoy this record. find a place for it whether you are looking out of the window of your morning train, sitting at home with your friends and loved ones or dancing at a pub right before closing time, everyday or anyday,


yours sincerely

Chili and the Whalekillers

Recorded & Mixed by Felix Ofenböck at PeaceCastleAudio Studios.

Produced by Felix Ofenböck, Chili Tomasson & Hjörtur Hjörleifsson

Mastered by Felix Ofenböck


All Songs performed and arranged by Chili and the Whalekillers:

Chili Tomasson: Vocals, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Synths, Backing Vocals

Hjörtur Hjörleifsson: Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Saz, Horn, Synths, Piano, Organ, Percussion, Backing Vocals

Arni Hjörleifsson: Vocals on "Park Bench", Saxophone, Bass, Organ, Synths, Backing Vocals,

David Bitschnau: Drums, Percussion, Marimba, Electric Drums, Backing Vocals

Michael Szedenik:  Vocals on "Dreamplay", Lead Guitar, Piano, Synths, Accordion, Backing Vocals

Additional Recordings:

Armela Madreiter: Recorder on "Dreamplay"

Fabian Tassatti: Additional Guitar on "Miss You..."

Haraldur Rastarson: Trombone on "Marilyn" and "Miss You..."

Iris Marko: Flute on "Lemon Garden"


Cover Design and Artwork: Vedrana Ona

Graphic Design: Bernhard Hartenthaler